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Teamwork in Action

This morning, as I began writing my blog post, I was distracted by the work happening next door.

Aside from my childlike fascination with watching the process, I was struck by the amazing #teamwork that was required to successfully pick a pool up off a flatbed trailer on the street and safely crane it over the top of the house. The crane operator was sitting inside the vehicle in front of the house, unable to see the pool’s destination, while his teammates in the backyard directed him. Together they worked to avoid the house, the trees, the fence, and placed the pool directly into the pool-sized hole in the backyard. It was done safely, efficiently, and effectively. The communication had to be clear and concise, with the team trusting its teammates. And if you want to take this one step further, imagine the homeowner, the “boss,” having delegated this task, and the level of trust they placed in this team! The whole process was impressive!

Does your team have that level of #trust and #communication?

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