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Who We Are

As a Culture Coach | Leadership Trainer, Brenda Risner works with leaders and teams to build and maintain healthy work cultures where employees are happier, work together better, and produce better results. With a focus on communication, teamwork, emotional intelligence, and mental fitness in the workplace, Brenda Risner brings practical solutions that can be applied right away to bring about positive results.

Previously a Leadership Trainer with the U.S. Army, Brenda Risner brings her skills and expertise to the Kansas City area where Risner Results is available to help you reach your organizational health goals. With over twenty years of counseling, coaching, and leadership training experience, Brenda Risner brings a perspective of growth and positivity to help people identify and capitalize on their strengths. She is passionate about organizational health and helping people grow the skills necessary to produce and maintain a healthy culture.


Brenda Risner, CEO | Founder


Brenda has been recognized as one of the Top Mental Health Coaches by Coach Foundation.

Brenda is a Maxwell Leadership Certified Speaker|Trainer|Coach|Corporate Facilitator, a Certified Working Genius Facilitator, a WHY.os Certified Professional, a Certified Behavioral Analysis Trainer, a Board Certified Mental Health Coach, and an Authorized Partner with Everything DiSC® and The Five Behaviors®.

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My Why

I believe in contributing to the success of others by making sense of complex problems and building trust with those I serve.

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Core Values

Service ~ Client-Focused ~ Excellence ~ Integrity ~ Joy

Who We Serve

Businesses wanting to achieve greater results by improving workplace relationships.

Start-ups seeking to establish a strong and healthy culture from the beginning.

Non-profits and ministries wanting to strengthen communications, culture, and teamwork.

Leaders who want to grow their leadership skills.

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What People Are Saying

Sabrena, Supervisor

Being a manager means balancing the needs, wants, likes and dislikes of an entire team to create a positive team who can work together to get the mission done. Wow, no wonder it isn’t easy to manage! However, Brenda brings problems AND example solutions into the classroom for discussion. These exercises helped me create new perspectives and strategies to gain trust and outcomes from the team. 

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We were very fortunate to have Brenda with Risner Results recently join our annual KC LOCAL HOMES goal setting breakfast. After a brief Zoom consultation, she was able to provide a talk that was motivational, interesting, and interactive. We were a small group and she was able to pick up on our vibe, keeping the event casual and informal. She traveled to our location and did a great job with props and handouts, and the information she shared was very relevant and helpful to our strategic planning session. I will definitely be hiring Brenda in the future and am happy to recommend her to others looking for a great speaker/coach. 


Chuck Fetter, Supervisor

I was an instructor for years. Brenda did an amazing the top 5% of trainers I’ve come across.

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