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Let Risner Results create a Leadership Development Program for your organization. Focusing on your unique goals, strengths, and challenges, we will tailor a competency-based program to help you achieve the results you desire.






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What’s in the well comes up in the bucket. Let’s ensure that your bucket is full of what it needs to lead well. This one-year program is designed to equip leaders to become more self-aware, to wield greater influence, to connect with those they lead, and to see improvement in the success of their teams. Because as John Maxwell says, "Everything Rises and Falls on Leadership."

Patrick Lencioni said, "Organizational health is the single greatest competitive advantage in any business." We want to ensure that your organization has this advantage. Having a healthy organization depends on a lot of things, most of which stem from having a culture of right leadership, cohesive teams, and genuine care for employees.

In this year-long program, Risner Results will work with the leaders in your organization to optimize cohesive teams that experience trust and work effectively together to produce the greatest possible results. This program begins with a culture audit to establish a baseline and allow for customization to meet your organization’s needs. It will include appropriate assessments, workshops, and ongoing executive coaching.

LEADerWell provides tools, resources, and skills needed to cultivate the attitudes and behaviors that lead to the bottom line results your organization is looking for.

LEADerWell Plus adds Culture Care to provide mental fitness support to your workforce. 

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Use as a stand-alone or add-on to LEADerWell, the Culture Care Program is a game-changer for the business without its own Employee Care Program.

People are the most valuable resource any organization has. When a business takes care of its people, its people will take care of business.


If you choose to add this to your organization, you will have dedicated access to Risner Results to provide a listening ear, conflict resolution opportunities, and mental fitness support for your employees.


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