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Growing Leaders.

Uniting Teams.

Transforming Culture.

Risner Results works with leadership teams to build and maintain healthy work cultures in which employees are more engaged, fulfilled, and productive.


We are passionate about organizational health and our services help people grow the skills necessary to produce and maintain healthy cultures so organizations can realize their potential and increase their bottom line. 


CEO Brenda Risner began developing these programs while working with U.S. Army Soldiers and Civilians to grow leaders and improve organizational health. Now she brings those same results to the corporate world.

Risner Results begins by first working with leaders and teams to understand their unique challenges and opportunities and then customizes solutions to meet those challenges and leverage those opportunities. With a focus on culture, communication, teamwork, emotional intelligence, and mental fitness in the workplace, we bring practical solutions that can be applied right away to bring about positive results. 



Do you need a speaker for your next event? Brenda is available to speak on a variety of topics from Leadership to Mental Fitness to Faith. She is able to provide anything from a keynote presentation to a brief lunchtime topic.


Would you like leadership training for your team? Brenda trains teams on leadership, communication, conflict management, mental fitness, emotional intelligence, and more. Let Brenda provide a two hour workshop, a week-long training, or the content for your next work retreat.



What do you want to accomplish? Brenda coaches individuals and groups through a process of self-discovery and growth. She can help you to look at things in new ways. She will encourage you to set goals and keep you accountable to pursue them, but the perspective is entirely yours. This process is designed to empower you to grow.

Schedule a Discovery Call to discuss how Brenda can help your team get better results.


Complimentary 30 minute Virtual Consultation

Discovery Call

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Brenda is a training Rock Star! She set the bar. This will be used at work and at home.

— Training Attendee

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